Romance in wet shoes


Rain, lovely rain…

It’s raining. I’m sitting on my sofa with a cup of tea in my hands and staring out of the window. I almost can’t see what’s behind it. Rain drops are trickling down the glass turning the city into a mess of water and lights. Down there, in the wet nasty street, someone is getting soaked, caught in the downpour, and swearing out loud trying to catch a taxi. But that doesn’t concern me. I’m warm and cozy in my quilted cocoon. That’s the kind of rainy romance I like.

But sometimes a crazy romantic wakes up inside me. I put on my rubber shoes, take an umbrella and go roaming down an empty street under streams of water. City lights beckon me through the mist, reflecting in the puddles, and I feel like in a dream. That’s exactly the feeling I get from the picture here. This painting on canvas is made by Leonid Afremov, a modern Impressionist who specializes in that kind of rainy sceneries. As a future interior designer, I always look out for nice pieces of art for my future projects. And I can definitely say I’m gonna recommend Mr. Afremov to my customers!

Let’s look at this picture a bit closer:

  • The lamp posts are glowing bright like little suns, but their warmth is swallowed by the chilly blue mist at the end of the alley. What a lovely contrast!
  • The weather is rainy and misty, and the outlines of benches and trees get blurred as our eye moves deeper into the alley. But we can clearly see colorful reflections on the pathway and mysterious motley specks in the treetops. I think it looks very interesting!
  • The manner of painting is rather unusual: the artist applies thick, loose strokes that give the scene a bit illustrative, surreal look. And, suddenly, it makes the image even more alive than the most accurate photo!
  • And, of course, I’m charmed by the aura of this misty park – a bit enigmatic, intimate and cheerful despite the weather!

There are many pictures like that in Leonid Afremov’s collection. He runs his own site where he sells his creation – I must say, quite cheaply. So if you want to decorate your room with a cute piece of wall décor, you can always buy a beautiful painting on canvas online at Mr. Afremov’s store!

Teeth, fairies and broken dreams


So, today I finally moved into my new apartment. It’s rather small and pretty expensive, but I like it. It has a totally awesome view with a piece of San Pedro bay, a partly functioning coffee machine and a hilarious tooth fairy pillow, just like here I think I know who will sleep by my side all these long nights, haha. After all, I’m gonna need my baby teeth back when I’m old 🙂

You know, I used to believe in the tooth fairy all the way until high school. My friends laughed at me and girls didn’t want to kiss me, but I was sure I actually saw her. I have my overly imaginative sister to thank for that. When I lost my first tooth and put it under the pillow, she climbed in through my nursery window, dressed in a blue tutu and a mask, with a pair of paper wings behind her back! Can you imagine that? I was struck dumb and just sat glued to my bed as she put her finger to her lips telling me to be quiet, reached under my pillow, grabbed the tooth and disappeared the same way she came. When she was gone, I found a small package on the window-sill – those were my favorite candies. For five years I thought it was for real making a total fool of myself. Finally, my sis took pity on me and confessed her little prank… Oh, cruel world, oh, broken illusions! Now I have a tooth fairy of my own, dear Lisa, and she won’t bail on me! So I’m putting that cute smiling toothie under my arm and going to sleep. Sweet dreams everyone! And don’t lose faith in tooth fairies…


Hello there!

I’m Gregory Miller and I’m starting this blog hoping to find new, interesting people. I just moved to LA to study interior design and I don’t know anyone here. It’s kind of hard for me to get along with strangers, so I decided it will be easier to meet new friends over the web. Well, I’m an ambitious guy who dreams of living large in a big city, having a creative and lucrative job and spending great weekends somewhere at Hahn Park or Avalon Hollywood, hehe.  I enjoy beautiful things and beautiful apartments, and most of all beautiful apartments filled with beautiful things. I’m kind of like the American psychopath, only usually I don’t kill people, hah. That’s probably why I decided to become an interior designer. One day I’m gonna set foot in Adam Levin’s or Miley Cyrus’ penthouse, you’ll see! 🙂 It’s easy to get swept away by dreams when you come to a new place. Perhaps, they’ll come true this time…